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By Charles Lutyens

This wooden sculpture of Christ crucified stands 15ft tall and is made of soft and hard ‘found’ wood beams and planks, split by axe and intuitively applied to the body of the sculpture by drilling and dowelling, using a construction adhesive and shaped largely by chainsaw and broad chisel.

More generally Crucifixions depict suffering, wounded or dead, ‘sleeping’, sweet and beautiful or apparently forgiving Christs. However, in the course of work Lutyens's sculpture has grown into an “Outraged Christ”. For him this interpretation is significant and relevant

for our present times, and resonates particularly with the question “what are we doing?”

This work took him nearly five years and was completed in 2011. ‘Outraged Christ’ has been exhibited along side his Angels mosaics in Bow, London, then at Gloucester Cathedral and since then has taken permanent residence at Liverpool Cathedral.

-Prof. Dermaid Macculoch 24th June 2011

“This is something really different, because here is a man who is not just feeling sufferings and patiently bearing them and being sad about them, but this figure seems to be really agonised, full of energy, and I think that’s quite new; you don’t get much of that in the Christian tradition”

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